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Bleu Medical


Bleu Medical

Bleu Medical

Nimes, , France

Pharmaceuticals Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2008

Our firm, produces, sterilizes and distributes all around the world the BMN, a medical device able to act both in Mesotherapy and Acupuncture-Mesopuncture (MAM) to treat various health disorders
In the PAST:
The Therapist in Acupuncture, inserted compact needles into the hypodermis.
The Therapist in Mesotherapy inserted into the dermis, the hollow needle of a syringe or of equipment.
Two well delimited areas with two well different needles.
The Therapist in Mesotherapy and/or in acupuncture, with a single insertion into the skin of a single BMN, (that) we produce, may carry out without syringe or equipment, two treatments in the dermis and hypodermis.
The activities areas of the BMN, bleu-medical@orange.Fr, are in the dermis (Mesotherapy) and the hypodermis (Acupuncture & Mesopuncture...).

Products :

The BMN is a medical device joining a needle as fine as an acupuncture needle, hollow, topped with a resilient polymer reservoir, running as an empty dropper, for an extemporaneous storage/restitution of various drugs, by the Therapist, at the time of the consultation. EC marked. Each therapist can choose the drug in the existing pharmacopoeia: Allopathic, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physiological serum, distilled water, anti-aging etc Into the dermis, the BMN needle, metal and hollow, allows the deposit of medication which creates various Mesotherapy points (or treats a wrinkle or a capillary blood vessel disorder....). A dozen points of Mesotherapy can be created with the contents of the BMN reservoir. Into the hypodermis, the BMN creates a metal stimulation of the acupuncture point (acupuncture) and a fluid stimulation by injecting the contents of the reservoir (serum physiological, distilled water or other...) into the acupuncture point (Mesopuncture). Please note that often, it is difficult to say that the needle (acupuncture or Mesotherapy) is into the dermis or the hypodermis; It is an accepted fact that acupuncture points may be located into the dermis (... As well as into the hypodermis... .And into the subcutaneous tissue .)...More: bleu-medical@orange.Fr In the French handbook of the Chinese Acupuncture we can read a description of the fluid [or liquid or mechanical or chemical] stimulus of the acupuncture point or mesopuncture, by injecting through a needle of a syringe, a product into this acupuncture point. The BMN, a needle without plunger, is able to carry out a fluid stimulus (Mesopuncture) into the acupuncture point. In addition to these two stimuli, the own therapeutic effect of the product (as in Mesotherapy) is kept. You will find numerous titles in Internet about injection into acupuncture points, Please see Google: Mesopuncture, Acupoint injection, Bio injection, Meso acupuncture, Homeo acupuncture, Aquapuncture, Farmaco or Pharmaco puncture etc. The BMN allows the Therapist in Mesotherapy, with a good knowledge about the acupuncture points located into the area being in treatment, to push a little more his needle, deeper, up to the possible hypodermic acupuncture point and carry out there a metallic stimulus and a fluid stimulus for the greatest benefit of the patient. The BMN allows the Acupuncturist, after having inserted his needle into the hypodermic acupuncture point for a metallic stimulation by the needle and a fluid stimulation by the liquid of the reservoir, while withdrawing his needle in the dermis, to stop and create, there, various mesotherapy points. The BMN is used for all kinds of treatment where Acupuncture or/and Mesotherapy are used, all kinds of medical treatments by local insertion of needle. Example our e-learning

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Bleu Medical

65 av general leclerc
Nimes - 30000 () France

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Bleu Medical

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