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For Natural


For Natural

Tri-Color Buffer


A Quality Product from
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Washington - United States

Description :
The Tri-color buffer is designed to polish the nail surface and nail edges without damaging the nail plate. While it looks like other buffers, it is far superior in quality. Other inferior buffers generally contain finely ground emery board material that will scratch the natural nail. The Amera? buffer uses three different aluminum oxide structures in a latex base to achieve a graded polishing system to smooth away nail ridges while sealing the nail plate and giving the nails a healthy shine. The Amera? buffer is less likely to cause nail damage when used properly.

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For Natural

We Offer Natural Nail products, Amera products to aid in the repair of natural nails. - Amera Natural Nail Products :- - Cuticle Mousse - Natural Nail w/Protein - Nail Endure - Lifetime Nail File - Tri-Color Buffer - Calcium Plus - Topcoat - Extra Strength Topcoat - Lacquer Thinner - Nail Dry - Nail Lacquer Remover - Cuticle Softener - Hand & Nail Brush - Creme de Vuee - Hand & Body Lotion - Cuticle Oil Treatment - Treatment Oil - Buff Bar - Corrector Pen - Basecoat - Rejuvenating Basecoat - Nail Premier - Nail Color :- - Nail Lacquers - Semi-Sheers/French Manicures - Pinks - Soft, Brights, & Muted - Reds to Muted Wood Reds - Brown/Pink Tones - Creative Nail Solar & Nail Treatment Products :- - Solar Oil - Solar Butter - Natural Nail Buffer - Solar Manicure - Toughen Up - Super Stickey - Super Shiney - Solar Silk Hand & Body Lotion - "New"Solar Balm - Swedish Clover Fot File - Essie Natural Nail Treatments :- - Millionails Strengthener - Billionails Maintenance - Trillionails, Step 3 - Ridge Filler Super Smooth Basecoat - Ridge Filling Basecoat - Super Duper Topcoat - Non-Yellowing Topcoat - Topcoat, Everyday - To Dry For Topcoat/Drier - Firstbase Basecoat - Protein Basecoat - Sensitivity Basecoat - 3-Way Glaze - Apricot Cuticle Oil - Nail Tek System Products :- - Maintenance Plus I - Intensive Therapy II - Protection Plus III - XTRA Maximum Strength Formula - Seche Nail Products :- - Seche Clear? Crystal Clear Base Coat - Seche Vite? Top Coat - Seche Plus? Strengthener - Seche Restore - Re Vitae Skin Care Products - N'Vue Hand & Body Products :- - Triple C&E Body Lotion - Avocado CoQ10 Hand & Body Lotion - Cellular Complex Body Lotion - Natural Nails Specialty Products

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