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East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.


East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.

Tonoferon Drops (Pediatric)


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East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. [View Profile]
Hyderabad - India

Description :
Tonoferon Syrup is a comprehensive preparation containing iron in colloidal form and essential haematopoietic factors-Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid along with Lysine for normal growth and its maintenance in children.

Actions : Inadequacy of iron in the diet is best reflected in the high prevalence of anaemia and supplementation of iron is therefore desired. Tonoferon Drops has colloidal ferric hydroxide which provides the highest amount of elemental iron (52.26%) of the commonly available oral iron preparations. The iron in Tonoferon Drops being in the colloidal form, undergoes ready conversion into soluble form by the action of gastric acid and is easily reduced to ferrous form by mucoproteins available in the secretions of the stomach and small intestine along with other constituants like succinic acid and ascorbic acid, assuring its greater and better absorption with minimal gastric irritation resulting in greater acceptability, particularly in children. Both vitamin B12 and folic acid in Tonoferon Drops, help cell metabolism, DNA synthesis and normal haemopoiesis. Deficiencies of both vitamin B12 and folic acid are common due to dietary inadequacies and particularly to infants born to mothers who are grossly deficient in folate or vitamin B12 during pregnancy. Supplementation of both folic acid and vitamin B12 is therefore necessary in such cases to prevent nutritional megaloblastic anaemia. Lysine provides dietary supplement, increasing appetite and weight gain in children.

Indications : Tonoferon Drops is useful for the treatment of common iron deficiency anaemia associated with dietary inadequacy in children. To provide dietary supplementation for rapid growth and weight gain in children and also for improving general metabolism and increasing appetite.

Contraindications : Patients with pernicious anaemia; hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Adverse Reactions : Mild gastric intolerance may occur in iron sensitive patients.

Precautions : Underlying causes should be determined in cases where anaemia exists. Folic acid may mask the presence of pernicious anaemia due to reversal of blood picture to normal but not affecting the progression of neurological manifestations. In those with conditions tending to vitamin B12 depletion, serum B12 level should be regularly assessed during therapy and in children with vitamin B12 deficiency concomitant parenteral vitamin B12 therapy may be necessary

Drug Interactions : Concomitant therapy with antacids diminishes iron absorption. On concomitant administration of iron and tetracycline the absorption of both the drugs is markedly reduced leading to diminished therapeutic effectiveness

Dose :
Infants less than one year : 5 drops twice daily.
Children above 1 year : 10 drops twice daily.

Packing : Phials 15 ml

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East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.


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