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Based on the advanced biotechnology industry and diversifying its business into various industries such as finance, real estate, education, culture and modern logistics, Tiens Group Co. Ltd. Is a large-scale global enterprise; the domestic plants of Tiens are located in the Wuqing New Technology Development Zone of Tianjin, China.

Tiens Group was established in 1995 and entered the international market in early 1998 with an internationalised paradigm catering to its own development. With branches set up in 112 countries and regions, it has established extensive strategic partnerships with over 10 overseas enterprises in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Spain and Egypt. In China, Tiens has registered 33 provincial-level subsidiaries and 100 second level subsidiaries with 3, 000 monopoly stores. Tiens sells its products in 200 countries and regions and maintains 20 million regular customers worldwide. World Brand Laboratory, a famous world brand evaluation institution and World Economic Forum jointly issued the list of China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands. With a brand value of A$1, 235 million, Tiens Group is ranked No. 64 on the list.

Based on its state-of-the-art biotechnology, Tiens concentrates on the exploration of traditional Chinese medicine and the essence of life-nurturing methodology and has diversified its products into 5 main categories totalling 1000 products.

The quality of our products is further ensured by the importation of advanced production equipment and technologies from Germany, the United States and other developed countries. The group has obtained the certification of quality system ISO9001: 2000, the national GMP Certification for drugs and health products and HACCP Management System Certification. Tiens products have also gained the Kosher Certificate and Halal Certificate issued by Islamic Society and Jewish Church respectively.

As the owner of two state-level patents, Tiens has received international honours and awards for many of its national and global-leading production technologies. It has been conferred the title "National Enterprise with Double Guarantees of Quality and After Service" by the China Association for Quality Inspection and "National Honesty Unit of Consumer Rights Protection with Guarantees of Quality and Service" by China Foundation of Consumer Protection and also cited as the "Best Enterprise Regarding Global Ecological Security" by the United Nations.

The attainment of Tiens' strategic target of globalisation has been assured by its high-calibre talents' group and the localized and systemized management. Among Tiens' professional employees, 18% are holders of master degrees or above. Tiens Group has almost 5, 000 employees, among whom over 1, 500 are localized non-Chinese.

In the persistent pursuit of the enterprise value "to be an eligible corporate citizen", Tiens people actively undertake their corporate social responsibility and obligations. Over A$50 million has been allocated to establish Tiens Vocational & Technical College, a non-profit private institute of higher education. By the beginning of 2005, Tiens had donated A$83 million in cash and products and has won a high reputation from all circles of society.

Products :
FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: Double Cellulose Grape Extract capsule (Holikan) Chitosan Biozinc Cordyceps Cell Rejuvenation Capsule Chewable Calcium with Multi Flavors Antilipemic Tea HEALTH CARE INSTRUMENTS: Blood Circulatory massager It is the most effective exercise device that makes use of all reflex locations in the soles of our feet, with high frequency method. Fifteen minutes of use is equivalent to 15 km. Of jogging. Promotes blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Enhancing immunity. Increases blood supply for the heart and brain. Accelerates secretion and discharges making the body health and clean. Hypotension Apparatus It is a high-tech product with utilizing method of biological electricity to treat diseases. Its operation integrates with Chinese old theory on physical channels, dredges and keeps the channel fluent that integrates with Chinese old theory on physical channel, dredges and keeps the channel fluent that reaches the purpose of health protection and recovery. Makes the nerve and skin relax. Adjusts blood pressure in short time. Relieves headache and dizziness. Prevents cerebral embolism and arteriosclerosis. Beautifies the face and inhibits baldness. Slimming Belt Through the use of eight kinds of vibrating mode, strong and high speed fat smashing motors, strong vibrating massage and magnetic to keep the body healthy and slim. Improves blood circulation. Increases the muscle elasticity and reduces weight. It can help remove the surplus grease in stomach and waist. Recovers fine skin by removing pregnant stripes and variegated stripes. Eliminates tiredness and muscle pains. Lets the fat burned and enhances metabolism. Acupoint Treasure Acupoint Treasure is a pocket sized specific medical acupuncture instrument adopting new technology, It is effective for hypertension, inflammation, pain and clearing and activating the channels and collateral, and improving microcirculation. Acupoint treasure was invented according to the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy, electric pulse therapy and magnetic therapy. When you adopt acupression on the acupoint, the focused magnetic cluster will function through the skin upon the acupoints, thus clearing and activating the channels and collaterals. Promoting circulation of micrangium within foci and adjusting disturbance ;in a bio-electric field and magnetic field by way of scanning and injecting certain electric pulses to achieve and overall health effect. PERSONAL PRODUCTS Tooth Paste A specialized toothpaste that is enriched of nullipore, honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum and other plant extracts. Prevents teeth from stomatitis, swollen gum, bleeding gums, halitosis and erythrism. It can improve the hardness and anti-acid ability of the teeth. Protecting teeth from cavity, surface and root infection. It keeps the breath fresh.

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Hypotension Apparatus
It is a high-tech product with utilizing method of biological electricity to treat diseases. Its operation integrates with Chinese old theory on physical channels, dredge....

Blood Circulatory massager
It is the most effective exercise device that makes use of all reflex locations in the soles of our feet, with high frequency method. Fifteen minutes of use is equivalen....

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