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pharmaceuticals Member Directory(Hypodermic Needle And Syringe Shredder)

  • Syringe pump: PP-S12/21/41

    Syringe pump: PP-S12/21/41

    Syringe pump: PP-S12/21/41
    Automatically 'recognize' syringes size. Total volume indicator. Regulating the flow rate conveniently. Lock the flow rate for preventing accident. Fast-injection control. Power supply indicators. Audio and visual alarms. KVO. Pressure limit selected.
    The clinical applications of the products are as follows.
    1. Continuous microinfusion of the functional cardiov....

  • Waste Disposal Shredder

    Waste Disposal Shredder

    Purpose:- Equipment is designed for shredding of plastic hospital waste like blood bags, IV/blood transfusion sets, barrels/pistons of disposable plastic syringes, scalpel blades, needles, glass etc. Construction:- These are fabricated of heavy duty frame with powder coated M.S. sheet. Equipment design permits easy & safe loading material through sturdy hopper and collection of shredded materia....



    Aurolab opened its Suture Needle Division in 1998 to reduce the cost of the cataract surgery. Established with technical knowledge from Europe, our state-of-the-art facility manufactures high quality suture needles used in Ophthalmic Surgery. Aurolab Suture Needle Division is certified by UL as ISO 9001:2000. Suture needles in Nylon and Silk are certified by CE and USFDA. The World Health Org....

  • Lumber Puncture & Aspiration Needle ( 42-0060 )

    Lumber Puncture & Aspiration Needle ( 42-0060 )

    Made from SS 304 Cannula with short bevel triple graduated tip. - Provided with SS stillete. - Ultrasonically cleaned. - Sterile by Ethylene Oxide Gas. - Individually Packed.....

  • Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Filler

    Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Filler

    Automates sterile syringe filling, capping and labeling activities.....

  • Rapid-Fill™ Syringe Strip

    Rapid-Fill™ Syringe Strip

    10 mL syringes in 200-count strip with integrated label and tip cap. ....

  • Rapid-Fill™ Finished Syringe Collection Bag

    Rapid-Fill™ Finished Syringe Collection Bag

    Holds filled syringes on the Rapid-Fill ASF.....

  • Syringe Fill Fixture

    Syringe Fill Fixture

    Aluminum stand with suction feet holds pump tube set for filling syringes and other luer devices.....

  • Syringe Inlet

    Syringe Inlet

    Inlet for use with MicroMacro Compounders to connect syringes as source containers.....

  • Needle Port Adapter

    Needle Port Adapter

    Large-bore adapter with external threads and male spin luer lock outlet. Includes removable 16G needle with Huber point. ....

  • Blunt Needle

    Blunt Needle

    Use to withdraw solutions from ampules and screw-top bottles. ....

  • Pharmaceuticals Products Catalog(Hypodermic Needle And Syringe Shredder)

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