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Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd


Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd



A Quality Product from
Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd [View Profile]
Karachi - Pakistan

Description :
Verona improves sexual desire and enhances the erectile function. It also helps in formation sperms to increase male fertility.

Indication: Decreased libido, Sexual asthenia, Pre-mature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Impotence, Oligospermina, Asthenospermia

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Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

Manufacturers and exporters of herbal medicines such as Verona Herbion Verona Capsule: Verona improves sexual desire and enhances the erectile function. It also helps in formation sperms to increase male fertility. Evica Herbion Evica, a uterine tonic, is a research formulation of selected medicinal plants known for their efficacy in gynaecological disorders Linkus Herbion Linkus Syrup: Linkus is an optimally balanced combination of carefully selected plants to exert potent anti tussive, expectorant and decongestant actions. Linkus by virtue of their well-balanced composition and synergistic action provides strong and prompt relief of all the major symptoms in cough, cold and flu. Intellan Intellan is an original formulation of herbal extract of well known medicinal herbs Ginkgo biloba, Centella asiatica, Herpestis monniera, Coriandrum sativum, Amomum subulatum, and Emblica officinalis rich in vital amino acids, bioactive alkaloids, glycosides, essential trace elements and vitamins. It is a natural neuro energizer which enhances memory functions, improve mental performance, increase mental alertness, stimulates metabolism of cerebral cortex, activates neuro transmitting centers, strengthens nerve fibers it also reduce anxiety and mild mood depression. Bonjigar Bonjigar, a well-balanced formulation of herbs, useful in liver disorders. It combats liver injury, protects it against damages, improves the functional efficiency of liver and prevents accumulation of toxic metabolites like ammonia. Alfagin Alfagin is a unique preparation of an original formulation composed solely of bioactive medicinal herbs and free of any synthetic chemicals, developed by the 'Research & Development' Department of Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Entoban Entoban incorporates an outstanding combination of herbs that have been used for decades to eliminate microbes and worms from Gastrointestinal tract. Linkus Lozenges Herbion Linkus Lozenges: Linkus Lozenges have been developed with balanced blend of selected herbs to provide immediate relief from irritaion of throat and cough.Its significantly reduces the duration and severity of cough. Linkus lozenge makes your breath Insty Herbion Insty - Herbal Tea Insty, herbal granules with pleasant taste, is an optimally balanced blend of carefully selected plants to exert potent expectorant and decongestant action in Cold and Flu. Neemplast Herbion Neemplast: Neemplast consist of sterilized non-woven antiseptic pad coated with Acrinol with a PVC tap coated with natural rubber, synthetic rubber and resin based adhesive backing.

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